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UK News UK bbfc annual report 2018
Moving into online censorship
BBFC publishes its annual report covering 2018
World News UAE
Poster Indias Most Wanted 2019 Raj Kumar Gupta As Rajkumar Gup
You can't say that!
India's Most Wanted banned by film censors in UAE
BBFC News UK Poster Diego Maradona 2019 Asif Kapadia
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions
UK News UK World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Right out of order
A Cardiff record shop bans Morrissey CDs after he performed wearing a badge for the For Britain Party

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24th May
bbfc annual report 2018
Moving into online censorship
BBFC publishes its annual report covering 2018
film Censor Watch Poster Indias Most Wanted 2019 Raj Kumar Gupta As Rajkumar Gup
You can't say that!
India's Most Wanted banned by film censors in UAE
film Censor Watch

21st May
Growing Up With I Spit On Your Grave DVD
Growing Up With I Spit On Your Grave
A documentary about the original video nasty by Meir Zachi's son Terry
film Censor Watch Bumblebee DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Bumblebee
Distributor cuts for a PG rated cinema and video release
film Censor Watch

16th May
Poster John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellu 2019 Chad Stahelski
Wick trimmed
The Indian film censor makes significant cuts to John Wick 3
film Censor Watch

15th May
Casablanca DVD
As Time Goes By
Ireland's long and beautiful friendship with censors, where the classic Casablanca was once banned in 1942, and was still cut in 1974
film Censor Watch Capernaum DVD
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Avengers Endgame
Is the China cinema boom slowing down as censorship clampdown bites?
film Censor Watch

8th May
kelly mcmahon
Welcoming a new rating aboard
Kelly McMahon takes over as the head of MPAA's film ratings board

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World News Censor Watch

23rd May
government of ireland logo
Endangering Irish porn viewers
Ireland considers internet porn censorship as implemented by the UK
World News Censor Watch Enter The Dragon DVD
Flailing about in law
Nunchukas become legal in New York and Arizona
World News Censor Watch UK ID Card 2009
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Do you want to be identified as a refusenik?
The government is quietly creating a digital ID card without us noticing
World News Censor Watch

22nd May
tom watson
Updated: A cryptic question
Tom Watson asks in parliament about which internet browsers plan to implement censor busting DNS Over HTTPS technology
World News Censor Watch bbfc av graphic logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: A reminder that age verification for porn is an unnecessary risk that is easily avoided
Proposed controversial online age verification checks could increase the risk of identity theft and other cyber crimes, warn security experts
World News Censor Watch

21st May
tossedout logo
An EFF project to show how people are unfairly censored by social media platforms' absurd enforcement of content rules
World News Censor Watch david currie
It can't be that hard, just sell 'em what they like
ASA is exploring ways to monitor the ad targeting algorithms used when logged into social media
World News Censor Watch firefox logo
Ramping up the encrypted internet to protect against the dangers of age verification
Firefox has a research project to integrate with TOR to create a Super Private Browsing mode
World News Censor Watch Spiked logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Why opinion polls keep getting it wrong
The more we demonise certain opinions, the less likely people are to express them. By Frank Furedi

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Nutter Watch Censor Watch

24th May
World Peace Is None Of Your Business
Right out of order
A Cardiff record shop bans Morrissey CDs after he performed wearing a badge for the For Britain Party
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

23rd May
arthur gay marriage
Married to homophobia
Alabama Public Television bans an episode of children's cartoon Arthur that featured a gay wedding
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

22nd May
Poster Unplanned 2019 Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Unplanned banned
Canada's film distributors decide not to release anti-abortion movie, perhaps preferring to avoid getting involved in a rather toxic religious debate
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

20th May
asa annual report 2018
ASA releases its Annual Report covering 2018
But what it doesn't tell us what proportion of the work is nannyism, enforcing political correctness, and treating people as easily led simpletons
Nutter Watch Censor Watch exeter cathedral logo
The church does its bit for unfair elections
Exeter Cathedral no platforms UKIP on the basis of a PC no-np rape joke, whilst conveniently forgetting just how many church clergy have proven to be actual child rapists
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

19th May
friekens ipa
Ale ails
Amsterdam brewery promises to remove hindu character from its IPA branding
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

17th May
brexit drink
Energy sapping Brexit
The EU Intellectual Property Office refused a trademark for a 'Brexit' drinking claiming it would be found offensive
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

15th May
willian hill tindr
A date with a censor
ASA bans William Hill advert suggesting that betting may help in finding friends
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

13th May
mary jesus rainbow halo
Whatever happened to the religious teaching of tolerance and forgiveness?
Police arrest Polish woman for posters of religious art with added LGBT colours

Diary Logo

Diary Diary

10th Apr
The Darkest Hour DVD
Diary: Dark Forces
May 2019 on Horror Channel


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21st May
Black Moon Rising Blu-ray
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The Hunted, Black Moon Rising
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20th May
The Roommates DVD
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No Kidding, The Roommates, Cannibals and Carpet Fitters, The Siren
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22nd Apr
Scared Stiff Blu-ray
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Lonely are the Brave, Howard the Duck, Alien


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