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UK News UK john major
Something must be done!
Historical records show that former PM John Major agitated for more TV and video censorship
BBFC News UK Poster Inna De Yard 2019 Peter Webber
Daily UK Ratings from the BBFC
Latest classification decisions
UK News UK james
Government minister for Digital, Censorship, Media and Sport
Margot James resigns over Brexit

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Talking about censorship sometimes requires frank language. Unfortunately such language invokes the wrath of Net Nanny and 'family friendly' search engines.

This site is censored so that those who are censored can at least get to see some, and know that there is more!

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17th Jul
Poster Current War 2017 Alfonso Gomezrejon
The Current War
Cut in the US for an MPAA PG-13 rated theatrical release
film Censor Watch

16th Jul
13 Reasons Why: Season One DVD
13 Reasons Why
Cuts in the uncut version have been cut from the Netflix version
film Censor Watch Poster Hidden Sword 2017 Haofeng Xu
Extract The Hidden Sword
Chinese film censorship leaves little chance that its films can find international success and the resulting insipid films are hardly setting China's box office alight
film Censor Watch

13th Jul
Trip DVD Peter Fonda
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Definitely not Dr. Dolittle
Peter Fonda recalls that the US film censor's moralising over The Trip inspired him to write the classic Easy Rider
film Censor Watch

12th Jul
Poster Midsommar 2019 Ari Aster
The Daily Mail picks up on the censorship and a Director's Cut
film Censor Watch

10th Jul
Three Films With Sammo Hung Blu-ray
Eastern Condors
The BBFC confirms that the previous animal cruelty cuts have been waived for 2019 Blu-ray release
film Censor Watch

9th Jul
Poster Happytime Murders 2018 Brian Henson
Happytimes at the censor's office
Malaysia's chief censor reports on 8 films banned in 2018
film Censor Watch

4th Jul
carry on uo the jungle
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: 'Carry On Films weren't ALL bad'
The Guardian's high priestesses of PC sit in judgement of the Carry On Films

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18th Jul
john major
Something must be done!
Historical records show that former PM John Major agitated for more TV and video censorship
World News Censor Watch james
Government minister for Digital, Censorship, Media and Sport
Margot James resigns over Brexit
World News Censor Watch

17th Jul
nodding dog
Negligent UK lawmakers devised an age verification scheme with no data protection for porn users
Now it appears that users who try to protect themselves with VPNs may be unknowingly handing their browsing data over to the Chinese government
World News Censor Watch

16th Jul
raspberry cube
Switch to Swtich
Another example of game censored by Sony but uncensored by Nintendo
World News Censor Watch devotion
Updated: Devotion to censorship
Extreme punishment for a Taiwan games company that included the Winnie the Pooh meme in a game
World News Censor Watch YouTube logo
Commented: YouTube speaks out against the censorship proposed in the Online Harms white paper
YouTube is reluctant to censor drill music videos
World News Censor Watch

15th Jul
nodding dog
Today's the day when porn internet censorship was to have begun
Margot James apologises for the delay whilst the Open Rights Group points out the scheme is still not safe for porn viewers
World News Censor Watch tiktok
Nationalists call for a ban on anti-national messaging
India's ruling party resurrects its call to ban the short video app TikTok
World News Censor Watch

14th Jul
online id card
Alarm Bells Identified
DCMS will consult about online ID cards so that your porn viewing and all your PC misdemeanours on social media can be logged against your social score

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Nutter Watch Censor Watch

17th Jul
pet sematary ukjpeg poster
Pet Whinges
ASA dismisses complaints about the poster for Pet Sematary
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

14th Jul
sweet little drinks
Sweet Little Sixteen
Drinks range censored for appealing to children
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

12th Jul
pornhub logo
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Streaming online pornography produces as much CO2 as Belgium
Climate campaigners already want to take away your car, holidays abroad, and your Sunday roast, now they've got their beady eyes on your porn and Netflix
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

10th Jul
On the naughty step
Ofcom demands that Starz UK channel broadcasts a statement of Ofcom censure for broadcasting a jewish caricature submitted by a viewer
Nutter Watch Censor Watch love island 2019
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: I bet the authorities are looking forward to age verification for TV
A primary school headmaster has sent a letter to parents complaining pupils as young as eight were emulating behaviour seen on TV show Love Island.
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

3rd Jul
Beauty and The Beast DVD
Beastly attitudes
51,000 Kenyans sign petition calling for Disney films to be banned over their inclusion of gay themes
Nutter Watch Censor Watch

2nd Jul
welsh botanic garden
Delicate Flowers
A few twitterers get all easily offended at a gag about Welsh language on a road sign for botanic gardens

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Diary Diary

24th Jun
The Remaining DVD
Diary: Summer Chills
July on Horror Channel
Diary Diary

20th Jun
frightfest 2019 0400x0296 logo
Diary: Frightfest 2019
22-26th August 2019, Leicester Square, London


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16th Jul
Bong Of The Living Dead DVD
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The Chill Factor Blu-ray
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Ann Rule Presents: The Stranger Beside Me - The Ted Bundy Story Blu-ray
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The Scorpion King Blu-ray
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