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Film Festivals

  •   FrightFest Main event in London is at the August bank holiday but there is also an event in Glasgow early in the year
  •   Abertoir The International Horror Film Festival of Wales, November
  • GrimmFest International Festival of Horror and Cult Films in Manchester. Early October
  •   Mayhem Horror Film Festival Mayhem Horror Film Festival. Nottingham, early November

UK Censors

  •   VSC Video Standards Council (VSC) is the UK video games censor administering the application of PEGI ratings
  •   ASA UK Advertising Standards Authority
  •   BBFC British Board of Film Classification. The state appointed film, video and internet porn censor
  •   Children's BBFC Website for younger children offering games, puzzles, information and news
  •   Ofcom TV, satellite, cable, radio, telecoms and internet censor
  •   UKCCIS UK Council for Child Internet Safety
  •   Department for Culture, Media, Sport , Proscription & Censorship
  •   The Home Office still in charge of the obscene Obscene Publications Act
  •   Ministry of Justice As if New Labour know the meaning of the word justice
  •   D-Notices Discreet UK censorship of security matters
  •   HM Customs The censors with the most awesome powers.

International Censors

  •   World Ratings   A useful guide from Wikipedia
  •   Australia  Classification Board (previously Office of Film & Literature Classification)
  •   Australia  ACMA, Australian Communication and Media Authority, TV Censor
  •   Australia   eSafetyCommissioner
  •   Austria  Bundesministerium fur bildung, wissenschaft und kultur
  •   Brazil   Ministry of Justice
  •   Canada: British Columbia   Consumer Protection British Columbia whose remit includes film censorship
  •   Canada: Nova Scotia   Film censorship is administered by the Maritime Film Classification Board
  •   Canada: Quebec  Quebec - Regie du Cinema
  •   Canada  Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
  •   Canada   CBSC Canadian Broadcast Standards Council
  •   Canada  CBSA: Canada Border Services Agency maintains a list of banned films and books
  •   Denmark  Medieraadet, classifiers (Danish language)
  •   Europe: PEGI   Pan European Game Information
  •   Finland  VET, film classifiers who use the word 'classifiers' honestly
  •   France  Centre National de la cinematographie: Commission de Classification (French language)
  •   Germany  FSF, television regulators (German language)
  •   Germany  FSK, film & video censors (German language)
  •   Germany  USK, Computer game censors (German language)
  •   Hong Kong   Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  •   Hungary  Nemzeti Media
  •   India  Central Board of Film Certification
  •   India   Indian Broadcasting Foundation includes the TV censors of the Broadcasting Content Complaint Council
  •   Ireland  Film Censor Office
  •   Ireland   Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
  •   Ireland  Censorship of Publications Board
  •   Kenya  Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) website
  •   Malaysia   Film Censorship Board of Malaysia (LPF)
  •   Malta  Board Of Film And Stage Classification
  •   Netherlands Kijkwijzer, self classification guidelines (Dutch & English)
  •   New Zealand  Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC)
  •   New Zealand   Film & Video Labelling Body (FVLB) Body decides on using Australian or UK film ratings when appropriate
  •   New Zealand   Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)
  •   Nigeria  National Film & Video Board (NFVCB)
  •   Norway  Norwegian Media Authority
  •   Poland  Krajowa Rada Radiowym i Telewizyjnym (KRRiT)  TV & radio censors
  •   Singapore  Media Development Authority (MDA)
  •   South Africa   Film and Publication Board (FPB)
  •   South Africa   Broadcasting Complaints Commission South Africa (BCCSA)
  •   South Korea   Game Rating Board
  •   South Korea  KMRB, Korea Media Rating Board
  •   Sweden  Statens medieråd (Swedish Media Council) The site is Swedish & English language
  •   Switzerland  Commission du Cinema du Canton de Geneve & Vaud
  •   UAE  National Media Council
  •   USA  MPAA Censors, but at least their advice is voluntary
  •   USA  MPAA's Classification and Rating administration (CARA) searchable ratings website
  •   USA  ESRB Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Self assessed computer game ratings


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