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Health and Safety in Porn

AIDS and condoms in the US porn industry


Update: Political condoms...

Californian Republicans join the Democrats in a opposing another measure up for ballot which mandates condoms in porn

Link Here4th May 2016
Full story: Health and Safety in Porn...AIDS and condoms in the US porn industry

The California Republican Party voted overwhelmingly on Saturday to oppose a state ballot initiative that would allow private citizens to sue adult performers if a condom is not visible in an adult film. The controversial California Condoms in Pornographic Films Act has been widely opposed by performers, producers, and public health advocates.

Eric Paul Leue, Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition, says Republicans were disturbed about the bill's fiscal impact, as well as its enforcement mechanism: any Californian who views an adult film without a visible condom could file a lawsuit against performers and others involved in the production and distribution of the film. Leue said:

No worker in any other industry faces this type of harassment from the public. The initiative empowers stalkers, harassers, anti-porn activists, profiteers and crusaders, while leaving actual performers more vulnerable. This initiative could open the door to similar measures for other industries.

The Legislative Analyst's Office, which evaluates ballot initiatives for fiscal impact, predicts the bill will cost California taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year in lost revenue, as performers and production companies move outside the state.

Leue says the ballot measure is so bad it has been opposed on both sides of the political spectrum. San Francisco Democrats voted to oppose the measure last month:

It's one of the rare political issues where Democrats and Republicans agree. The bill is misguided, dangerous, costly, and terrible for California.


25th January

Updated: Porn Coverage...

Los Angeles looks set to require condom use for porn productions

Los Angeles City Council has tentatively approved a measure that would require porn performers to wear condoms on production sets.

In a preliminary 11-1 vote, council members voted to approve the measure, which would require porn producers to provide and require the use of condoms on set in order to receive film permits in Los Angeles.

The ordinance still requires a second vote next week for final approval.

The council also agreed to create a group of law enforcement officials and state occupational safety regulators to determine how the measure would be enforced.

Councilman Paul Koretz said before the vote:

We can spend literally millions of dollars on an unnecessary election or we can do the right thing for free. For better or worse, the city of Los Angeles is nationally known as the capital of the adult film industry. We should be nationally known, also, as the home of a safe adult film industry.

Update: Condoms Confirmed

18th January 2012.  See  article from

The Los Angeles City Council, 9-1, approved a new ordinance Tuesday requiring that all adult film actors wear condoms when filming within city limits. The ordinance, when it goes into effect, will allow the LAPD to perform spot checks on any set once a film permit is issued.

The measure next goes to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for his signature.

The Free Speech Coalition said that the adult industry trade group is in discussions with industry leaders and considering options for next steps.

Update: Signed by the Mayor

25th January 2012. See  article from

Actors in adult movies filmed in Los Angeles will be required to use condoms under an ordinance signed into law by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and porn industry leaders say the regulation could lead them to abandon the nation's porn capital.

The law, signed Monday, will take effect 41 days after it is posted by the city clerk, something that could happen as early as this week.

Nutters with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which lobbied for years for such a law, expressed jubilation Tuesday and said they would now turn their attention to getting a similar condom requirement adopted elsewhere.


13th January

Update: Rude Health...

Condom porn campaign extended to Florida

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation plans to file a complaint with three Florida citizens to the state Department of Health over the lack of use of condoms in adult film productions.

Michael Weinstein, president of the AHF, said the organization has decided to ramp up its efforts beyond California, where the bulk of porn is shot: In light of the tremendous growth of adult film production in Florida, particularly in Miami and in response to repeated threats from California producers who say they will leave California and take their productions and jobs to other states including Florida, AHF decided to expand our adult film worker safety campaign to include Florida.

This is why we are filing 'sanitary nuisance' complaints with Florida health officials to press for the enforcement health statutes which we believe should require the use of condoms in all adult films produced in Florida.

Florida does not have designated occupational safety and health divisions like California, Weinstein noted.

Weinstein said that AHF will back its Miami complaints with evidence from 10 adult DVDs and streamed online videos filmed or produced in the Miami area in which many performers do not wear condoms. Two of the films cited include South Beach Cruisin' No. 2 , a double-DVD film by Josh Stone Productions, and Barely Legal: Miami Girls , produced by Hustler Video.

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