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The latest film to be cut for a 12A rated cinema release

Link Here22nd April 2024
IRaH is a 2024 UK thriller by Sam Bhattacharjee
Starring Rohit Roy, Ameet Chana and Fagun Thakrar BBFC link 2020 IMDb
BBFC category cuts were required for a 12A rated cinema release in 2024.

Summary Notes

Everybody wants a piece of Hari Singh and his revolutionary new app: the IRAH 5.10. Sadly, this extends to kidnappers, Police, Cyber Security Agencies and international hackers.


BBFC cut
run: 131:28s
pal: 126:12s
12AUK: BBFC 12A rated for moderate threat, violence, injury detail, sexual threat, strong language for moderate threat, violence, injury detail, sexual threat, strong language after BBFC cuts:
  • 2024 Do It Creative cinema release (rated 26/03/2024)

The BBFC commented:

The distributor chose to remove scenes of violence in order to achieve their desired 12A rating. An uncut 15 classification was available.



A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...

The BBFC comments on the press response to its ludicrous decision to uprate Mary Poppins

Link Here21st April 2024
The BBFC commented about a recent decision to uprate Mary Poppins from U to PG.

Historically rated U, the film was recently submitted for classification ahead of a 60th anniversary cinema re-release. When distributors choose to resubmit older films, the BBFC considers them under its current Classification Guidelines so that the modern rating is in line with public expectations. This means that older titles may sometimes require a higher or lower age rating than in previous years.

Viewed under the current guidelines, MARY POPPINS required a PG rating for two uses of the discriminatory term hottentot. In the film, Admiral Boom (who believes he is a naval commander in charge of a ship travelling the world) asks Michael, a child, if he is going on an adventure to defeat hottentots. Later, the character shouts We're being attacked by hottentots! after seeing a gang of chimney sweeps (who have faces blackened with soot) dancing on a rooftop. He then proceeds to launch fireworks in their direction.

At U, the guidelines state that Discriminatory language or behaviour is unlikely to be acceptable unless clearly disapproved of. There is no disapproval of the language used in MARY POPPINS, and so a PG rating was required.

The decision received considerable attention from the press, both in the UK and around the world, with factual reporting as well as opinion pieces both supporting and criticising the decision. David was interviewed about the reclassification live on the BBC.

The Classifiers suggested that it might be wise in future to publish a statement on our website about any reclassification decisions that generate similar levels of media interest, to ensure that accurate information is readily available for anyone who needs it.



Carry On Regardless...

Continuing an occasional series of detailed cuts to the Carry On films

Link Here2nd April 2024

Carry On Regardless is a 1961 UK comedy by Gerald Thomas, Ralph Thomas
Starring Sidney James, Kenneth Connor and Charles Hawtrey BBFC link 2020  IMDb

BBFC category cuts were required for U rated 1961 cinema release and presumably the same cuts have applied to all releases since.

Summary Notes

The Helping Hands agency employs some very strange people to perform some very strange jobs. Even the simplest of tasks get bungled by the incompetent but lovable staff.


best available
run: 90:14s
pal: 86:37s
PG 1980

BBFC PG 1982

U pre 1970

UK: Cut and BBFC PG rated:
  • 2007 Studiocanal R2 DVD at UK Amazon #ad
  • 2007 Studiocanal Amazon VoD [UK] at UK Amazon #ad
  • 2006 Optimum Releasing DVD (rated 19/09/2006)
  • 2001 Warner Home DVD (rated 12/09/2001)
  • 1988 Warner Home VHS (rated 14/07/1988)
UK: Cut and BBFC U rated:
  • 1961 Anglo Amalgamated cinema release (rated 01/03/1961)

Thanks to Vince. The BBFC cuts list read: 

Reel 2 - In the 'Penny Panting' scene, remove shots of Sam lowering his trousers.
Reel 3 - Remove "Oh no, there is nothing wrong with my knockers."
Reel 4 - Remove "Do you now" and the accompanying visual.
Reel 6 - Remove the final shot of Gabriel as he faints in the boxing ring.
Reel 7 - Remove "What is it you like doing most of all in bed" and "The bed of the century helps you do it better."
Reel 9 - The scene between Delia and a bachelor who is seeking a wife should be sortened to remove as much as possible of the innuendo.




Remarkable cult movie with bizarre real sex passed 18 uncut by the BBFC

Link Here31st March 2024

Thundercrack! is a 1975 US adult comedy by Curt McDowell
Starring Marion Eaton, George Kuchar and Melinda McDowell BBFC link 2020 IMDb

A cult film that was notably unreleased in the UK for many years except on the cinema club circuit. The film was finally BBFC 18 rated without cuts for 2024 release. The BBFC noted that it contains strong real sex. Uncut and MPAA Unrated in the US.

Summary Review

With a killer gorilla on the loose, a group of strangers find themselves stranded at a remote mansion of a grieving madwoman one dark and stormy night. They indulge in swapping bizarre personal backstories - and bodily fluids.

Imagine yourself a typical low-budget horror opening, in which random people gather around an old dark mansion during a nightly thunderstorm. They're all slightly eccentric characters with unusual backgrounds and/or odd personalities and, naturally, the female owner of the mansion is the queen of all madness.

Her guests soon begin to physically experiment with themselves and each other and these sexual outbursts become gradually odder. Masturbation and ordinary hetero-sex at first, but before you properly realize it; you're up to your neck in gay sex, voyeurism, sex with peculiar attributes and even bestiality.

This movie is available in two versions, but I can safely say already that even the cut Theatrical Version (120 minutes instead of 150) is more than weird enough for every avid fan of offbeat cinema on this planet.


BBFC uncut
run: 159:27s
pal: 153:04s

MPAA Unrated

UK: Uncut and BBFC 18 rated for strong real sex, nudity:
  • 2024 BFI VoD (rated 05/02/2024) titled Thundercrack!

US: Uncut and MPAA Unrated for:

  • 2015 Synapse Films 40th Anniversary Edition R0 Blu-ray at US Amazon
  • 2015 Synapse Films 40th Anniversary Edition R0 DVD at US Amazon
run: 125:30s
pal: 120:29s
  Sweden: There is a cut version running about 120m

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