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2024: February

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The BBFC prepares to present its new guidelines to cinema licensing staff on 15th March

Link Here22nd February 2024
The BBFC will present its new guidelines to cinema authorities on 15th March 2024. The BBFC writes:

The BBFC provides age ratings and content advice for cinema films on behalf of licensing authorities. In 2024, the BBFC will publish its new Classification Guidelines. These set out how it arrives at its age-rating decisions for all the films and other content submitted to it. The guidelines, revised every 4-5 years, are the result of a large-scale consultation, which this time has involved over 12,000 people in the UK. This pre-publication briefing for those working in cinema licensing will provide an overview of the research findings and the changes to the BBFC's classification standards.

Who should attend: Cinema licensing officers, elected members and all involved in permitting UK cinemas to show films.

What will be covered:

  • How the BBFC carried out the guidelines research -- the key topics it covered and how it ensured a diversity of responses

  • Key changes to BBFC classification standards under the new guidelines

  • New topics of concern to UK audiences

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